Friday, September 19, 2014

To the Dark Soldier

I sense you from time to time
and I wish you wouldn't talk to me that way
so when I hear you speak
I feel deep sadness
sadness that dampens my bones
its like your voice overpowers me
takes a hold of me
and I find myself in a dark room all alone
I still hope that you'll soon stop
you speak of expectations that are almost never spoken
expectations that somehow speak about love or no love, caring or caring not
and it is the power of awareness and consciousness that allows me to break free of your trap
it still pains me though, to hear your words
and the memory of those words echo in the background, in my bones
and yet, my hope is to love you unconditionally
so one day I am able to stand in the dark,
listening to your words with an open heart
and then, your words won't pain me
I will only hear pain in your words and I will only try to comfort you
for you are the one that had been suffering all along.

Oh Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet child of mine, tell me what do you need. tell me about your wounds and sorrows. I want to love you and nurture you forever!I know that sometimes it doesn't feel fair... I know that sometimes you fall into anger and resentment when you don't get your ways, when you don't feel unconditional attention, love, and care from me or others.
I thank you for reminding me when I need to care for myself, acknowledge myself, love me and validate me. Thank you my sweet child, you are the wise one, it was never only about you, all along you where showing me the way to wholeness and I was so focused on you...
your way of loving and caring for me, your frustration no more than a projection to stop and give myself back the care, love, and attention I need.

The Eternal Flame

When we rely on others, expect from others...
we give our power away and therefore,
we give away our freedom.

I soon then came to realize,
that as confusion dissipates and clarity sets.
I come to grasp and feel that my power has never left me.
nothing was ever lost or given away,
it always resided within.


As all life resides in balance with all that is; our gifts are able to arise to its fullest potential when we are allowed the space to do so. Sometimes we are challenged by others, a storm between our expectations and with what is..., so give thanks to those who challenge you- without the feeling of being tested your true power wouldn't be revealed.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Warrior of Light

My house is haunted 
and there is nowhere to go 
I heard my mother say that in this process 
we are raw to our skin 
I can say that is exactly how I feel 
my skin, bare to the flames of fire 

I saw a ghost the other day 

it changed shape 
fear overtook me 
and I felt as if it touch me 
it would stick to me forever 
it had no face but when I looked  
it laughed at me 

There are moments of helplessness 
there are moments that the child within all she does is cry in anguish 
and the adolescence fights until she gets caught in wire 
and bleeds with her own anger and drowns in her own pain 
there are moments that the great mother comes with her gentle touch and caresses my face 
I can feel her love, I can feel the love within 
and for a brief moment there is acceptance, there is compassion, and comfort 

This is the journey of the warrior of light, 
and so far I can't tell you how it will end 
all I can say is that my stomach lives in a knot so tight that I'm choking 
the ghosts of fears hunt me everyday 
and the light within me and the beauty around me reminds me of my potential 
so I keep on going, one step at time 
one lesson at a time shining light into the darkest parts of myself

What have you forgotten?

What have you forgotten today?
What do you need to remember today, to be present, to embrace your life fully?

Have you forgotten to embrace your life fully?
Have you forgotten to believe in who you are?
Have you forgotten to speak your truth?
Have you forgotten to forgive yourself and those who you blame for your pain?
Have you forgotten to feeling grateful of all the wonders in your life?

I believe it's time to let go...
let go of the expectations of tomorrow
let go of the stories of your past
let go of the fear that holds you back
let go of the masks that are preventing you to be exactly the way you are

What have you forgotten?
What do you need to remember?

Have you forgotten to love fully?
all that is alive?
Have you forgotten to respect yourself and other fully?
Have you forgotten to feel unconditionally?
Have you forgotten to play?
Have you forgotten to be right here, right now?
Have you forgotten to face your challenges with a smile?
Have you forgotten to accept this moment for what it is, for what you are right here, right now?

What have you forgotten lately that you need to remember?
To Remember.... we have to become aware of what we have forgotten......
and for that we have to let go of the worries of tomorrow, and the regrets of the past
to be right here, right now- with all that is.

A sight of Truth

"As long as I believe in myself, I can do anything"